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10 Hotels Offering Ridiculous Extras To Customers

Almost every single hotel in the entire world offers a few different packages that ensure their guests are more than comfortable and have a wonderful experience. Some resorts, however, go to the extreme by offering somewhat extravagant packs. Everything from quirky to outright bizarre have been discovered at a few hotels across the world. These odd extras seem to set the hotel chain apart from the rest. Whether you actually need what is included or not, it might be a good idea to check it out anyway. Here are ten hotels offering ridiculous extras to customers.

Happy Guest Hotel

At the Happy Guest Lodge, customers are able to receive a sleeping partner in the form of a goldfish named “Happy” within their room upon arrival.

Family Pillow Fight Package

The Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, Florida, has become known for offering a $60 package that includes a bag of satin pillows, a CD, and a book of games for the entire family to enjoy.

10 Hotels Offering Ridiculous Extras To Customers

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