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10 Of The Greatest Lego Structures Ever Created

Since 1949, the Lego Group have been releasing the toy construction blocks for the joy of kids and hobbyists alike. The unique toy can be enjoyed by just about any age group and the imagination of creating anything is only limited by a person’s capabilities. While Lego famously will create themed sets and give people instructions on how to build them, some people have taken a mixture of sets or random blocks to create some extravagant and incredible structures of their own. Here are some of the greatest creations ever out of Lego.

Pixel Kiss

There’s some extremely cool art pictures created by Lego, and one of the most astonishing has to be a pixelated kiss between two lovers.


The God of the Sea hasn’t looked any better recreated in his new Lego throne. This structure is even more stunning when looking at what’s happening under his chair.

10 Of The Greatest Lego Structures Ever Created

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