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10 Strange Dining Customs From Around The World

It is quite amazing how every culture in the world has managed to create their own traditions for every facet of life. Experiencing these varied cultures is one of the greatest things about traveling the world. It is unavoidable to not eat a meal when you are traveling to different countries, which is why it is important to be acclimatized with different dining cultures. Every country has its own set of dining traditions, and this list looks at 10 of the strangest dining customs from around the world.

Cup Half Full

You might want to look at a cup of tea in Kazakstan as half full, because if the host serves you a full cup of tea, it means that they want you to leave soon.

Half Mast Chopsticks

Never leave your chopsticks vertically in Japan. By doing so you are insulting the owner of the restaurant.

10 Strange Dining Customs From Around The World

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