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After Udta Punjab Shahid’s Image is Changed in Bollywood

Shahid Kapoor is actively involved in film industry since 16 years. He has played many characters but he has failed to make an effective image of his characters. His films suffered to cross 200 crore mark at the Box Office.

But after Udta Punjab he has changed this belief totally after Udta Punjab he will be only talked for his Performance.

shahi kapoor

His role as the stoned Tommy Singh may not his career best but when you see him hurl expletives and make rockstar moves you will be convinced that he has given his all. While most actors thrive on business their movie makes shahid is focused on giving  the ‘Role of lifetime’. 

His movies like ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Haider’ ,are examples of how he has evolved as the man who just burn up the dance floor.


Shaid has even played Negative Role once in ‘Fida’ which is not that famous apart from his affair with his then girlfriend Kareena Kapoor Khan.  Shahid has shown that he takes his time for selecting movies and making his mind for them, not like other actors who’s got their diary filled with next 5 films.

While he has more flops than hits in his 16-year-long career in Bollywood it’s safe to say that Shahid Kapoor is a thinking actor and you can now expect only quality and brave characters from him. 

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