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Aged 12 and 13 students developed an app

The bengaluru has added one more story to its glory as two students Priyal Jain and Prateek Mahesh aged 12 and 13 developed an app called vPledge.


This app is devised to pledge their support to conserve nature, donate meals, feed stray dogs, use public transport.

Through vPledge an individual can make a pledge such as planting 10 trees. On successful completion of a pledge , vPledgers which means the users are allowed to share their work on social media and also grab points that can be redeemed . an another student has created a tic-tac-toe game that can be played over Bluetooth without internet connection.

The fully functional development of vPledge and tic-tac-toe shows how a right guidance can impact the development of programming skill said Vikalp the president and Co-founder of AcadGlid.

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