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Amazon wins over flipkart


Similarly, data from another web and app analytics firm, Similar Web, has also claimed that Amazon is ahead of homemade app Flipkart in app downloads, showing that the former has been able to maintain the momentum even into the second and third quarters. The firm shows Amazon’s desktop traffic at 88.5 million, and Flipkart’s at 66.4 million, in May. On mobile site, too, Flipkart was behind (46.8 million ) as Amazon got 82.8 million.

According to California-based analytics provider Alexa, Amazon-India ranks 78 and Flipkart ranks 118. 

“While Flipkart has reduced its sale events and advertisements on media, Amazon continues to spend money on media and naturally tends to get more people to download the app. The Amazon app quality is also better since it is a global technology platform. Indications are that Amazon might be very close to Flipkart or already ahead in sales,” said Harish HV, partner at audit firm Grant Thornton.

But when it comes to monthly active users on the mobile app, Flipkart still leads the way. While 4.5% of Flipkart users launched the app every day, only 2.7% of Amazon users did so daily. But seeing the number of daily downloads, it’s only a matter of time Amazon will take over Flipkart.

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