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Bengaluru Woman Molested By Ola Cab Driver After He Traps Her Inside The Car

In yet another shocking incident, an Ola driver has allegedly molested a woman in Bengaluru after trapping her by activating the child-lock feature inside the car. 

The 23-year-old woman, who works as a fashion stylist, was reportedly locked inside the car and was touched inappropriately by the driver.

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The woman hailed the cab to travel from Indiranagar to BTM Layout at 10.30 pm on Sunday, December 3rd. The driver, who has been identified as Rajashekhar Reddy, stopped the car after spotting a lonely area on the Intermediate Ring Road en route Koramangala.

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After the woman reportedly banged on the windows to create a commotion, the driver let her out. Even after she got out of the car, the driver followed her and made indecent gestures at her. She apparently ran for 500 meters till she reached the Ejipura traffic signal.

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On Monday, Reddy made six threatening calls to her and told her to not complain to Ola about his behaviour. He also allegedly threatened to cause her harm since he knew where she lived. 

The woman complained to the cab aggregator after which the driver was banned. She also went to the Madiwala police station where after the police investigated Reddy, he defended himself saying that he did not molest the woman and only tried to assist her in opening the door which was child-locked.

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The woman did not file a formal complaint and the police let Reddy go free after strict warning.

According to Ola representatives, Reddy has been suspended after the woman made her complaint and said that the company representative will conduct further investigations. 

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Source of news : Indiatimes

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