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Bitcoin Billionaires Winklevoss Twins Made $479 Million In 48 Hours. What Did You Do All Week?

Earlier this week, we wrote about the infamous Winklevoss twins, two entrepreneur brothers from Harvard that made a fortune off a successful lawsuit against Facebook. 



Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss claimed Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social network, called HarvardConnect, and repurposed it for his own gain as Facebook. They filed a suit in 2004, later winning a $65 million payout from the company in 2008. Of course they weren’t happy to just sit on that money.

The Winklevii (as they’re known) invested $11 million of that sum in 2013 into the then nascent cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. They purchased around 100,000 Bitcoins, roughly one percent of the entire supply in the world, at a paltry rate of about $120 each.

Our story on Monday showed that Bitcoin had shot up to a whopping rate of $11,395, the highest it had ever been. Thanks to that, the Winklevoss twins became the first official Bitcoin billionaires (aside from the yet unknown creator, Satoshi Nakamoto) with a holding of approximately $1.13 billion. So what’s happened in five days you ask?

Why, Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed eve higher of course. As of the time of writing, the latest value of the cryptocurrency is $16,185. That translates to a little over $1.61 billion in the Bitcoin wallet of the Winklevii.

Basically, the Winklevoss brothers made approximately $479 million dollars this work week, doing absolutely diddly squat.

And here you are, reading this story with Facebook open in another tab, and a smartphone in your hand with WhatsApp open. Maybe even Instagram. Or you’re making weekend plans. How are you ever going to get that appraisal you want this way.

Get back to work slacker.

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