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Karan Johar Thrives on Audience’s Emotion

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At 41st Toronto International Film Festival, filmmaker, Karan Johar had a striking conversation at Glenn Gould Studio.He talked at length about empowering writers in the movie making business and about the changing times where now a Movie star is no longer the King. While the writer is the backbone of …

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Mayanti Langer Slams trollers

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It’s a very weird phenomena in India. Somehow a large portion of the populous feels that if a cricketer messes up in a game, it is the fault of his better half. Remember when everyone was pointing fingers at Anushka Sharma for one failed performance from Virat Kohli at the …

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Dhoom 4 Gets Bigger with SRK

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Bad Guys in Dhoom franchise have always been the ones to look out for. Aditya Chopra made sure that it gets better every time with John Abraham then Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3. If the reports are true then villain in Dhoom 4 can be as big …

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This Engineering Student makes Functional Iron Man

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That’s right. A young Indian engineering student, Vimal Govin Manikandan, of MES College of Engineering in Kerala just built a battery-powered, functional exoskeleton. The science project has seen the young student turn an age-old concept into reality with a very small amount of resources. With a tiny budget of $750 or …

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