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Fight a cold by … eating yogurt?

You may want to add yogurt to your list of cold-fighting remedies. “When it comes to yogurt specifically, I’d say there’s not a lot of research that we can point to that indicates yogurt reduces symptoms of a cold,” said Mickey Rubin, vice president of nutrition research for the National …

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Flu widespread throughout the nation, 30 children dead

Flu is a contagious, viral illness that causes mild to severe symptoms that can sometimes lead to death. There were 14,401 new laboratory-confirmed cases during the week ending January 13, bringing the season total to 74,562. These numbers do not include all people who have had the flu, as many …

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Using downward dogs to treat depression

“I had to go through a rigorous chemo and radiation therapy and a stem cell transplant,” he said. “I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t relax. I was really anxious and depressed. All I kept thinking was: ‘Here I am, not even 30, being poisoned and fighting for my life.'” Diagnosed with …

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Dad’s depression may rub off on kids

According to a new study — one of the first to examine mental-health patterns in a nationally representative sample of dads and kids — a child’s odds of developing emotional or behavioral problems increase by as much as 70% if the father shows signs of depression. That’s smaller than the …

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Can your smartphone tell you if you have depression?

Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois tested an app they developed called Purple Robot. It uses data from a number of sensors in the smartphone that detect location, movement, phone usage and other activities to assess if a user is likely to have depression. “The main reason for the development …

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