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Cow vigilantism – is this the right way to go?

Now days, India is witnessing a new trend of cow vigilantism where people of one religion are enforcing law which prevents transportation of cows, possession of beef or consumption of beef in any manner. There has been a surge in incidents of mob lynching or communal clashes among people belonging …

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A new dawn in Media World – spread the word

IngestMag – Media of the people, by the people and for the people. Dear Readers, We are living in a world where information plays a vital role in deciding and forming an opinion about anything. As the world is converging and everything is accessible just at your finger tips, it …

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PM Modi works without leave: PMO

A Prime Minister of India is on duty all the time, the Prime Minister’s Office has said, adding no leave records of former prime ministers are available with it. The PMO said this when an Right to Information applicant sought a copy of leave rules and procedures for the prime …

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