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What your keystrokes reveal about your gender

iStock.com/webphotographeer By Kimberly HickokFeb. 9, 2018 , 8:00 AM Your webcam may know your face, but your keyboard knows your gender. Computer models can predict with 95.6% accuracy whether a man or woman is typing, according to a new study. To conduct the research, computer engineers installed keystroke-logging software onto …

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How to escape a Venus flytrap, in one easy step

iStock.com/Jim1123 By Lakshmi SupriyaFeb. 9, 2018 , 9:55 AM The gaping jaws of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) are famous for snapping shut on any creature unlucky enough to wander too close. But a new study shows that some insects never fall prey to this carnivorous plant. Their secret? They’re …

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New U.S. budget deal includes more funding for 2020 census

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, whose department includes the Census Bureau. U.S. Embassy Bangkok/Flickr By Jeffrey MervisFeb. 9, 2018 , 12:00 PM The latest short-term budget agreement that keeps the U.S. government running for another 6 weeks gives a much-needed boost to planning for the 2020 census. The continuing resolution …

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9 romantic getaways for different types of travelers

(CNN) — So you and your special someone would like to travel together to a romantic getaway. There’s more to consider than just your personal chemistry. To choose the best destination possible, you also have to consider what else you enjoy and what kind of traveler you are. With that …

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