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Qualcomm May Be Collateral Damage in a U.S.-China Trade War

Qualcomm’s situation illustrates the perils of trying to punish a major trading partner that has become a crucial link in supply chains stretching across the globe. By targeting foreign players with ties to their own markets, the United States and China are putting their own economic futures at risk. The …

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Trump Wants to Close Trade Gap, but Leaves Export Agency in Limbo

In the past, the bank had been used by large corporations like Boeing and General Electric, which received loan guarantees to sell products like airplanes, satellites and industrial equipment to developing countries, lifting sales and supporting American jobs. It has provided loan guarantees to overseas airlines looking to buy American-made …

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Elon Musk: Just walk out of bad meetings

Image copyright Tesla Elon Musk wants staff to cut short unproductive phone calls and meetings as he aims to boost production of the Tesla Model 3 over the next few months. Work has temporarily halted at Tesla plants in California for upgrades aimed at increasing output from 2,000 to 6,000 …

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