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Tech Tent – Facebook and Google’s hardware challenge

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Facebook’s smart speaker lacks many of the functions of similar gadgets They’ve built two of the world’s most powerful and wealthy businesses on the back of their software expertise but this week Facebook and Google unveiled hardware products. On Tech Tent we ask whether the …

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Can Calvin Klein scent catch a ‘killer’ tiger?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption India has the largest population of tigers in the world Can a world-famous eau de toilette for men, known for its smoky and spicy fragrance, help trap a “man-eating” tiger prowling in the jungles of India’s western state of Maharashtra? Wildlife officials say they …

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The challenge of recycling waste in Antarctica

Image copyright Pete Bucktrout/BAS Image caption Up to 4,000 scientists and researchers work in Antarctica during the summer months Picture a wide snowy expanse as far as the eye can see, edged by mountains on one side, and an iceberg-filled sea on the other. That is the view from the …

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Six climate questions for ‘Green GB’

Image copyright Getty Images Scientists say we must keep global temperature rise under 1.5C – so what does that mean for the UK? Next week, ministers are likely to ask their advisers how Britain can reduce carbon emissions in line with that target. They’ve declared what they’re calling Green GB …

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Boz: Defending Facebook’s Portal gadget

Image copyright Facebook/Getty Images Image caption Andrew Bosworth has been with Facebook for more than 12 years One of Mark Zuckerberg’s longest-serving and most trusted lieutenants is making the case for Facebook to put a microphone and camera in your home. It’s not the easiest of jobs. Facebook is launching …

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