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UK ups the ante on Galileo sat-nav project

Image copyright ESA Image caption The Galileo system was conceived to give Europe an independent sat-nav capability The Brexit row between the UK and the EU-27 over Galileo is escalating. Britain’s space agency has written to 13 firms to remind them that they need security authorisation to engage in any …

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Xiaomi working on its own Face ID for the Mi 7

It appears the notch on the Xiaomi Mi 7 is more than just a design choice. A leaked snap reveals a setup within the notch that looks very similar to Apple’s Face ID, which is essentially an Xbox kinect module. Apple’s Face ID uses a dot projector and an infrared …

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YouTube is testing an incognito mode in its app

The “Incognito Mode” in browsers is a well-known feature for quite some time now and it’s extremely useful, especially if you are logging into your account when using someone else’s computer. Well now, YouTube is testing the very same feature on its Android app. YouTube already has a feature that …

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The battle of the gas-sucking mega giants is set to begin

Image copyright Shell Image caption Shell’s Prelude is the largest sea-faring vessel ever built Off the coast of Western Australia, a battle between mega giants is unfolding. The combatants involve the world’s biggest semi-submersible platform, the longest sub-sea pipeline in the southern hemisphere, and the largest floating facility ever built. …

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Plant ‘thugs’ crowd roadside flowers

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bee orchids are very sensitive to mowing practices Wild flowers are being driven off Britain’s roadside verges by air pollution and poor management​, the charity Plantlife claims. It says emissions from vehicle exhausts are acting as a fertiliser for a group of nitrogen-loving plants …

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‘Memory transplant’ achieved in snails

Image copyright David Glanzman Image caption Despite the obvious differences, there are similarities between the way that snail nerve cells function and the way that human cells work Memory transfer has been at the heart of science fiction for decades, but it’s becoming more like science fact. A team successfully …

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