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Chandigarh Companies Told To Provide Staff Buses Or Pay Rs 1,000 For Each Car Parked Outside

The Chandigarh Union Territory administration has issued its draft parking policy which among other things includes a working place parking levy which will be introduced, to discourage use of private vehicles by individuals at work.

As part of the policy, all companies including IT and other industries having a workforce of 50 or more will have to start a bus service for the staff. Fine at the rate of Rs 1,000 per car per day will be levied on vehicles parked outside the premises.

draft parking policy


Besides, concept of working place parking fee will also be introduced at public institutions in the city.

Facing a major challenge of dealing with the increasing number of vehicles, traffic chaos and the parking problem, the draft parking policy in includes levying congestion charges, road tax of up to half the car price, manifold increase in the parking charges and penalty, have been proposed to discourage people from using vehicles.

draft parking policy


For the first time, it has been proposed to link the parking charges with the collector rates of the area. 

The proposed policy states that 50% road tax will be charged on cars worth Rs. 10 lakh and above. Residents who already own a car and are looking to buy a second vehicle will have to shell out 50% of the car’s price as road tax.

The policy, which has been uploaded on the website to invite suggestions from the people. Residents have been asked to send their objections over the policy within 15 days.

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Source of news : Indiatimes

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