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‘Dear’ controversy

    Smriti Irani, Indian Central HRD minister had a Twitter Battle with a male politician Ashok Choudhary recently.

 She made Bihar’s Education Minister Apologies- sort of, for addressing her as ‘Dear’ on Twitter.

smriti Irani

But on Thursday, Irani ‘shut up’ her critics. She did it with a long, heartfelt Facebook post that gave us a peek into her remarkable journey from working at a McDonald’s to a Union minister. 

It was a moving, inspiring post. But then I read it again — this time I tried to grasp the point that Irani was really trying to make.

Irani started with how her opponents used the Twitter battle to turn her into a hashtag, despite “their neta’s public apology”. But that’s not a fair accusation. She became a trend more for her pointless outburst than the collective conspiracy of an army of opponents trying to bring her down.

smriti 2

In her post she has raised very pertinent point about the need for the woman to speak up and confront. She has wrote that when she was young she would be told, like most of girls were, “if accosted by a boy or bunch of them don’t look at them and keep walking straight” why? “it is not worth it. Nuksaan tumhara hoga, Ladke ka kuchh nahi bigdega” was the logic she wrote in her post.

She has even pointed out society’s double speak because the same people “who on every podium exalt the right of woman to speak their mind” now tell her to zip hit.

Smriti even posted the list of task she has done till now.

“So to those girls walking with their heads down, look up and speak up; those women cracking the whip in their offices and asking their counterparts to finish the work assigned in the time frame prescribed, lead on. As for me, next time you blog – remember the sagely advice given when you joined politics, till you don’t have your own coterie of journalists, don’t expect support to come pouring in through editorials “kyunki nuksaan tumhara hoga unka kuch nahi bigdega”

She was praised for raising voice against Aaj tak’s political editor Ashok Singhal for his tasteless remark. At the time every one stood by her even feminist or not.

Speaking up is great but sometimes silence is even better.

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