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Even Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of hackers

Zuckerberg recently posted his photo on Instagram showing he has got 500 Million followers. But as you know people are always keen to know about him even his single minutes details is what they want.

In the photo of Zuckerberg one observer clearly bowled him and brought out different detail.

He recently posted this photo:

Did you notice that? If not then zoom in the Image and check in his Mac book webcam and microphone both are covered with tape.

Yeah I know what you are thinking.. what’s the surety that it’s Mark’s Laptop isn’t it? But seeing the similar setup in his previous Facbook live Videos we can comfortably say this.  

Mark is always on hit list of hackers and in that situation such security is understandable. He has put an extra tap on webcam to prevent any kind of spying and to cut out audio recording of him he also covered his microphone.

web tap

In the past there have been many cases where hackers used webcam and used it against the user but covering it with tap blocks the physical image, smart move isn’t it?

And this useful hack is something we can really learn from him. That said, Zuckerberg isn’t the only one to have done this. Amidst security and privacy concerns, this is a trend really catching up.  Even experts advise that you should cover your cameras so that it prevents hackers from watching or capturing your live visual feeds.

In April, FBI Director James Comey said he uses a tape to cover his laptop webcam in order to mitigate the danger of secret surveillance.

This gives us all a good message “always walk one step ahead of your opponent”. Before they think of creating of problem you are up with the remedy that’s the way of success.

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