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Experimental Firefox Feature lets you use multiple identities while surfing


Firefox browser is getting new feature to segregate your online identities and will allow you to sign in with multiple media account without multiple browser.

This new “container tab” feature, which is now available in the unstable Nightly Firefox release channel, provides with four default identities (personal, Work, shopping and banking) which means you can surf on Amazon without ads for products you searched lastly.


Firefox panel fired some questions themselves like “how will user know what context they are operating on?”, “what if the user makes mistake and chooses wrong context? Will browser automatically retrieve it?” team said we don’t have the answer to such questions right now but as the users will use it and give us the feedback we will be able to make it more appropriate and relevant.

The different identities still share the same browsing history, bookmarks, saved password and form data, but as far as the sites you visited are concerned there is no easy way to tie together simultaneous visits from different browser personas, even if they are coming from the same machine.


Mozilla notes that ad tracker can still find your fingerprints (that is, using your IP) even if you are using different identities. “containers are meant to help you separate your identities   and reduce tracking by cookies and cache” .

Still, simply being able to log into two Twitter accounts at the same time or being able to shop without ads then following you around for years without having to use an incognito browsing session is worth the price of admission. Firefox’s current implementation of profiles, after all, is somewhat clumsy and most users probably don’t even know this feature exists.

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