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Facebook Preventing suicide

Several reports have attributed depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies due to excessive use of social media. As social media is taking its steps bigger and bigger people are getting in touch, but virtually only not actually. You lose all those bonds that are actually required to survive and fell your importance.

 Last Tuesday Varun, an IT Employee, who slit his hand, posted a suicide note on facebook wall. Fortunately his friends read his post and rushed to his aid. Interestingly on the very same day facebook rolled out a suicide prevention feature with Deepika Padukone’s ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’.


Varun who lives in Gurgaon is an avid Social Networker and who is working with Nagarro software Pvt ltd, as an engineer posted not just suicidal note but his slit wrist as well. His friends who saw this urged the nearby to rush to his aid and also informed police about the inceident.

In India facebook has partnered with two non-profit organizations ‘AASRA’ and ‘Live Love Laugh’ foundation. ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’ is established by India’s famous actress Deepika Padukone who currently faced the problem of anxiety and depression.

Facebook has rolled out a new feature to prevent suicides. To use this feature guideline is as below:

If you spot a post of your friend on facebook that indicates he is having suicidal tendencies you can click the arrow on top right corner and click ‘Report Post’. You will be able to either reach out to the friend directly using the arrow or ask another mutual friend for support. A third option will be to contact either AASRA or The Live Love Laugh Foundation helplines. If you report a friend’s post, it will be completely anonymous, said Das. Once Facebook receives a notification of the post, it will get in touch with the Facebook user and suggest ways for them to cope. 

Although Facebook  is making its efforts but not by anyway suicide is a solution of any problem. Every problem has its solution but it is just a matter of time, some solutions might take time to turn out. Leave a happy and safe life because it’s beautiful and precious.

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