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HTC releases Smart display app in the Google Play Store

HTC Smart display is an Android app that comes pre-installed on the HTC U11+, a smartphone that hasn’t been released on the market yet. The application HTC’s take on the Ambient Display, a feature that will come inside the U11+.

It’s unclear whether or not the app is compatible with other HTC devices now that the Taiwanese company has decided to release it in the Google Play Store.

The Smart display app shows information about time, date, and battery power on the screen. It also displays notification icons and features different clock styles, as well as two modes – motion launch and always on.

Moreover, the application comes with a so-called Pocket mode, which allows users to save power since the HTC Smart display will turn itself off once the phone is put in a bag or a pocket.

The HTC U11+ is supposed to hit the shelves sometime this month, but a very small piece of software that comes pre-installed on the phone has already been released. If not for anything else, at least it will allow HTC to update the app more often and much easier without having to push out OS updates.

News credit : Phonearena

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