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Huawei Honor View 10 hands-on review Comments


Yo GSM you have the wrong display type listed on the specification page, should be LTPS LCD like you put in the article. Great Phone BTW, Honor’s best yet.


The “View 10” is a bad name, 9 Pro would be better…


  • ZloiYuri
  • 352b

For this price there is nothing to compete now. Great phone. But I’d prefer to spend 30-50$ more and get OIS. And Honor 9 is undoubtedly more beautiful. I like it’s gray color v10 missing.


That blue is so awesome the phine looks good better than it looked in renders a few camera sample would be nice and please do a review sad it lacks OIS and laser autofocus but for $400 is a pretty nice phone

Source of news : Gsmarena

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