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ISIS Threatens Attacks During Kumbh Mela, Australia Says Yes To Same Sex Unions + More Top News

islamic state isis kumbh mela attack

ISIS has released a 10-minute audio clip in Malayalam saying that it will soon carry out Las Vegas type attacks on crowds gathering for Kumbh Mela and Thrissur Pooram. Read more

Here are more top news of the day:

1) Gay World Celebrates Victory As 62% Australians Vote ‘Yes’ To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage



A vast majority of Australians voted in favour of same-sex marriage in a historic two-month survey paving way for the Australian government to recognise unions of gays and lesbian couples. Read more

2) Our Environment Minister Just Decided To Assure Us By Comparing Delhi Air And Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Really.



In what could be called an extremely insensitive remark, environment minister Harsh Vardhan has said that there is no need to panic over Delhi’s current air pollution situation, adding that the situation is not like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which was an “emergency”. Read more

3) Delhi Has Just Been Named As The Most Tourist-Friendly City In India, Minus Pollution Of Course


bccl/representational image

The national capital has been ranked Number One among 30 Indian states for its relative competitiveness in the area of travel and tourism. Read more

4) Lifestyle Diseases Like Heart Attack Killing More Indians Than Infectious Ones Like Diarrhoea


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Lifestyle diseases like heart and chronic respiratory diseases now kill more people than communicable ones like tuberculosis or diarrhoea in every state in India, including the most backward. Read more

5) Pradhyumn Murder Suspect Retracts Confession, He Was Tortured By CBI To Admit The Crime, Says Father



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Days after members of the juvenile justice board said the Class 11 Ryan International School student had killed Pradhyumn Thakur and even explained how he had done so, the accused student has now told a child protection officer (CPO)  that he was being framed and hadn’t killed anyone. Read more

News credit : Indiatimes

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