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Lack of Funding might shatter the dream of this Indian Ace Ice Skater.

Her name is Shruti Kotwal and Indian ace Ice Skater who has represented India in Many Events and made us proud, she is a National Level Champion as well.


She said I am a national level gold medal winner at roller skating for many years. She added that it is upcoming and Olympic sport and is also globally known sport, that’s what attracted me toward it and that’s how it all started.

She said “I have biggest support from my family they always stood with me irrespective of the situation. My father gave me freedom to choose my career and my mother who used to be an athlete in her school days made sure that I never leave my sportsman spirit. I owe my mother a lot and give credit of my all success to her as she was taking all the responsibility for my practice and races all over India since I started skating”. She added that  I have one elder sister and one younger brother who I believe are my biggest fans.


She has also represented India at South Asian Championship and won 3 GOLD MEDALS with overall first position. Apart from that she also Represented India at International Camp held at Taiwan in 2008 and in Asian Championship held in Beijing 2010.

She said in India Sports need more focus and priority here, it is not considered as a career option. No kid dreams to become a sports person, although there are so many passionate people here. There is no scholarship or any motivation or support. In my case also, I am hearing since past three years that I will be facilitated with awards and rewards but nothing has been done so far.
Our attitude needs a change including athletes’. Athletes don’t have hope for internationals. They are always ready with excuses, those are true but what is fun of going for international and not winning anything. Every year team goes without any quality and huge money is wasted.

India has very steady mindset at cricket, no other sport gets that much lime light, this really needs to change. We have other sports and other sports person as well who sometimes do not get the same treatment as cricketers do; they are literally pouring their blood to make nation proud and their effort really need appreciation.

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