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Let Us Not Let The Winds Of Climate Change Catch Up With Us

The Earth is cherished much in poetry, worshipped much by humans. Yet, with the progress of civilization, our vision of the cleaner, greener and happier Earth is getting blurred day by day. One such terrorizing factor is climate change, which continues to thrive because we are either ignorant or proudly deny it.

Climate change is not something that happens in a couple of years, but in this century, the rate of its progression has increased phenomenally. The common symptoms are average temperature rise, change in precipitation pattern, or examples of extreme weathers. The glaciers are melting faster than ever, which could cause a rise in sea level (predicted upto 4 feet by 2100) and hence inundate the coastal areas, forever. If we look at the economic aspects, the loss is proportional and significant too; for example, in 2001, estimation says $40 billion in income is lost each year due to desertification in the United States, a figure that continues to grow with global temperatures. As a whole, the Earth is inevitably leading towards being uninhabitable if we do not take action now.

Following are few examples of climate change writing some dark stories in context of India.

  • A study by International Monetary Fund says that tropical countries including India will be the worst sufferers of climate change in the days to come.
  • From 1980-88, there has been 18 heatwaves claiming lives.
  • Depressions and tropical cyclones are increasing in frequencies and destroying huge resources.
  • The 2013 cloudburst flood has blown a hole in the economy of Uttarakhand, which was very hard to recover from. Around 4,200 villages were severely damaged and 5,748 people lost their lives, according to the official count.  

Being a developing country, India is still fighting to provide basic amenities to every citizen. Electricity has not yet reached every home, yet the power sectors’ contribution to global warming is sufficiently alarming. The rural-to-urban transformations will take its toll too, hence it is important to try to modify our approach to the need of the hour.

Kadvi Hawa, a film scheduled to release on November 24, articulates the truth about the reality of climate change like a stinging slap—in the 2:44 minutes long trailer it has managed to successfully shake people to their core. The dangers looming upon us are easy to ignore when not visualized. It shows the scariest of scenarios already existing so close – the farmers committing suicide, nature devastating the coastlines in retaliation. Here children, born with a burden of debt, ask the elders about the seasons that appear mythical to them. The film got a special mention at the 64th National Film Awards, and we can only hope for it to create deep impression among the masses. It is essential that we become aware and stay aware enough to make a change by ourselves.

Watch the trailer here.

Source of news : Thelogicalindian

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