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Madhavan Wore A Desi Blue Kurta & Indian Women Are Now Breathless

Making women go weak in the knees with his power-packed performance in ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ till date, R Madhavan is one of those actors who has the potential to slay the ladies with just a smile. Defying nature and science together, Madhavan is just getting better with day, proving that age is just a number!

NUT case off to LA

A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Nov 10, 2017 at 10:38am PST

Every time he shares something on social media, people can’t stop raving about his posts, which only goes to prove how huge the craze surrounding him is. Well, we ain’t complaining at all as the man has earned every bit of that affection. 

It goes without saying that many of us are dying to see him once again in his good ol’ chocolate boy avatar in a Bollywood flick, however, we don’t know when that will happen. Until then, we are just going to admire this gorgeous being thorough the power of social media.  

Continuing with his tradition of making fans go crazier every time, Maddy recently shared a photo on Instagram that is potentially a nuke weapon. The actor shared a picture of him in a royal blue Kurta looking as fine and regal as one can get.

Since the picture was posted, the kind of responses he is getting is unbelievable and some are even bordering on criminal. But to be honest we are not surprised by this effect of his on his fans. 

A particularly frenzied fan just couldn’t stop drooling and captioned, “I think I forgot how to breathe. This man is just too hot. Love this picture.” While another one wrote, “Somehow your beard makes you look like Wolverine @ActorMadhavan and obviously handsome as always.”

For those who are often confused on how to impress a girl, please take a liberal dose of inspiration from Madhavan’s book and watch them ladies swoon.

Photo: © Madhvan_Twitter (Main Image)

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