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Meet the Lenovo Moto Tab, an interesting tablet coming soon to AT&T

Back in May, we told you that a brand new Motorola tablet
(featuring a Productivity Mode) could be released soon. Now, we know that the
tablet is called Lenovo* Moto Tab, and will be available in the US via AT&T.


While the Lenovo Moto Tab hasn’t been officially announced yet,
AT&T published a promo video – embedded above – showcasing some of its
features. The second largest US mobile carrier presents the device as a “family tablet designed for
entertainment,” as it’s got a 10.1-inch Full HD screen, plus dual speakers with
Dolby Atmos sound, and supports up to 7 customizable profiles (perfect for large families). 

The tablet’s Productivity Mode includes a task bar that lets
you multitask and quickly switch between apps. For enhanced productivity, the
Moto Tab will come with a couple of interesting accessories (sold separately):
a full size Bluetooth keyboard with its own 400 mAh battery, and a Lenovo
Home assistant dock.


The Lenovo Moto Tab further features a fingerprint scanner, TV
Mode (for one swipe access to AT&T DirecTV and other video apps), Kids Mode, AT&T NumberSync, and a
7,000 mAh battery. For now, it’s not clear if the tablet runs Android 7 Nougat,
or Android 8 Oreo, but we hope it’s the latter.


Details on the price and release date of the Lenovo Moto Tab
are currently missing. We’re not sure if the device’s promo video will be
online for long (since AT&T may have inadvertently published it ahead of
time), so
we are including some snapshots of the new tablet in the gallery

So, do you think you’ll be interested in buying this Moto Tab once AT&T launches it?

Update: Lenovo says the Moto Tab will be launched on November 17 for $299.99 outright, or $15
a month for 20 months with an AT&T Installment plan. The company also
revealed more features: Android 7.1 Nougat, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of expandable storage space.

* – Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility since 2014.


sources: AT&T (YouTube), Lenovo

Source of news : Phonearena

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