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Meet The Pakistani Priyanka Chopra Who Claims To Be The Bollywood Diva’s Doppelganger

We totally get people’s obsession with B-town and its celebrities, but these days, things have gone to another level. The latest trend seems to be people who claim to be various stars’ doppelgangers and then all of social media goes gaga over it.

Remember Navpreet Banga from Canada, who became an overnight star on the internet for being Priyanka Chopra’s lookalike? The uncanny resemblance between the two was a welcome surprise.

And, this time we have another beauty from Pakistan who people can’t stop obsessing over. 

People from her country have started calling model Zhalay Sarhadi, Pakistan’s Priyanka Chopra.


In a recent interview, the Pakistani beauty talked about how she is called PeeCee’s doppelganger and has actually been asked to work as her body double as well.


In a recent interview with a Pakistani Daily, she stated, “I started working the same year when Indian channels got banned in Pakistan and Priyanka became Miss World. I remember, I was hosting a show back then and everyone thought it was Priyanka and not me. It’s been this way ever since that time. I bet even Priyanka knows about me by now.”


While sharing this, she mentioned an incident, where her co-star from India sent her photo as a joke to his agents and friend, “The agent asked him, who is this? Priyanka ki cousin aisi toh nahin hai. Someone from India then approached me to be a body double for Priyanka, which really offended me. I thought, really?”


Well, people are tripping over Zhalay for looking like Priyanka but honestly, we fail to see the resemblance. Sensation or not, she is most definitely not PeeCee. No doubt, she is incredibly gorgeous but is nothing like our original desi girl at all.


After checking out these pictures if you still think that she is Priyanka’s doppelganger, let us know in the comments below!


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