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Microsoft brings Sharepoint to iOS

Microsoft has announced that it will launch new mobile app for Sharepoint customer. Microsoft has announced that using Sharepoint it will bring Intranet to User’s pockets. Initially the app is said to be available on iOS meaning it will work on iPhone and iPad. But they said app will be available for both Android and Windows Platform before the end of the year.

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Company said Sharepoint is used by almost 200000 Organizations and it is also synonymous with “Intranet” where employees share news, files and much more. Although it was successfully running but one thing that was lacking was a more modern approach and mobile first approach where there will be no boundaries for the user irrespective of their device.    

The app will work with Sharepoint online in office 365 or Sharepoint server 2013 or 2016. App will provide a tab where user can see the sites frequently visited and above that it works with other Microsoft Mobile Apps. For example if you click on office document it will launch Office Mobile app and when you click on Document Library on team site you will be taken to OneDrive mobile app for iOS.


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