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Muslim Community needs to regain their trust in Orlando Killing

Recently there was a great gathering for Muhammad Ali’s funeral and it was attended by many communities. Great respect for the great boxer who made world a better place. It seemed like trust between communities were getting better until Orlando Killing took Place where 50 innocents were murdered.

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 The loss of victims can never be fulfilled and to more Anti-Muslim rhetoric has surfaced again with new vigour and with Donald trump’s views about banning Muslim got support.

The Muslim community has a dual challenge now, 1. They have to be louder and more vocal in their condemnation of ISIS and the onus is on them to dissociate ISIS from mainstream Islam through their condemnation. 2. The widening trust deficit among other community members specially the lot who continue to view ISIS as a subset of mainstream Islam. Muslim community have the task to cut out, they will have to take the extra step and raise the voice to an extra decibel level to send out a message that delineates ISIS from Islam and terror from religion.

Condemnation of ISIS by people, from all communities, from different countries, by about 170 imams from different countries, all have done very little in preventing generalization of ISIS with mainstream Islam and Muslims. The Orlando mishap has added fuel to the fire, the distrust has increased, generalization has widened. The Muslim community’s trust factor with other communities have fallen to an all-time low. But such distrusts between communities are not first, wounds have healed, trust have been built and communities have prospered together.

 Although we can do very little, by feeling sorrow because we can never feel the actual feeling of their families and their suffering. For those victims we pray that they find peace from the almighty.

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