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Obama Calls for Diversity and Openness with Mark Zuckerberg

President Obama praised tech companies for embracing diversity in their workforce and called for government around the world to bring openness and transparency at Global Entrepreneur Summit.


Obama Encouraged the report that showed hiring employees from diverse background and admitted that this is the right step in the right direction.

“It turns out that starting your own business is not that easy. That it can be especially difficult for women and young people and minorities,” Obama said. “You deserve the same chance to succeed as everybody else.”

“Dozens of top tech companies are committing to make their technology workforces look like America,” Obama said, noting companies’ increased willingness to publish diversity data.

Obama also welcomed 11 entrepreneurs from Cuba to the GES. Obama welcomed them by saying “Hola, mucho gusto” that surprised everyone in the podium. They are the first Cubans to attend GES. During the discussion with Egyptian Entrepreneur Mai Medhat Obama mused on the International leader’s willingness to censor the internet.

The next GES will be held in India and several new members will be joining it, including Spanx CEO Sara Blakely and Stripe CEO Patrick Collision.

Obama Joked as he welcomed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the stage by saying “I can’t wear t-shirts like Mark for another six month, but I will take my jacket so I don’t look so formal”.


Zuckerberg used the panel to plug Facebook’s Connectivity Effort, Internet.org. He said  “if you grew up and you never used the computer or had access to the internet, it’s hard to imagine what you are missing out on ”.

He also noted that, when he started Facebook, he never expected it to grow into a massive company. He said that he expected another internet giant to build on his ideas about social media, and was told that Facebook was just a fad that would die out. He encouraged the young entrepreneurs in attendance to follow their dreams, saying that successful entrepreneurs “care fundamentally about the change they’re trying to create in the world and they’re not just in it to build a company.”

So all the entrepreneurs and willing to be entrepreneurs out there one thing is for sure you have to keep faith in yourself and do what you are determined to love your work and work will love you back.

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