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One Tweet can Make Difference

Mumbai Police is a Twitter rockstar with their constant warning tweets in a witty and funny ways. But, they are not just about tweeting funny things. They respond to the complaints in a very timely manner and stay pro-active on all the ‘mentions’ to them.

On Tuesday, there was a man on a bike who was following two girls in an auto and masturbating while looking at them. The girls were brave enough to take the picture and get their friend to tweet it to @MumbaiPolice.


Mumbai Police were quick to acknowledge the issue.

Within three hours, police nabbed the accused. In addition to the photo, the girls also noted the details of his bike number. Police used the RTO details to find out about the identity of the alleged offender who was a 35-year-old man named Rais Likayat Qureshi from Bandra .

Kudos to Mumbai Police.

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