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OnePlus 5T hands-on review Comments


Rafe Firmani, 3 hours agoJust looking at the pixel size of camera specs I know this OP5T would struggle on dim light si… moreBigger pixel sensor = Hike in pricing which they dont want


Vic4BBM, 4 hours agoApple had a short time affair with BBK and one+5t was born. And oh, it also had a siblings na… moreOppo R11 and R11s are their older brothers quite literally. OPPO is the parent company and OP5 uses the same body as R11 series for their phones. The One Plus One was based on Find 7.


Wow, some improvements with bigger camera bumps? Not hating OnePlus but seriously they can do better, look at the original OnePlus 5 and this, the camera bump. I choose OnePlus 5 over this for the thinner camera bump, but for the rest I may need to consider if I want to buy


Anonymous, 10 hours agoInteresting…. But I’ll wait (and pay more) for the U11plus with a better screen and battery…Just looking at the pixel size of camera specs I know this OP5T would struggle on dim light situation. Anything below 1.4uM is inadequate, no matter how bright the aperture is…

Take example LG V30 with f1.6 and 1.1uM, their photos comparison on the night shots are below the quality of HTC U11 and Samsung S8.
The latter, both using f1.7 and 1.4uM pixel size, altough different Sony sensor but HTC and Samsung opt for bigger pixel.

Just give you crucial hints to pick a smartphone camera…
You’re welcome


Apple had a short time affair with BBK and one+5t was born. And oh, it also had a siblings named OPPO R11s and R11S+. But 1+ claims itself to be different from all above.


Koda, 10 hours agoToo common for the price. At that price the S8 has faster modems Cat 16, better cameras with O… moreIf $100+USD difference means nothing then I guess “common for the price” is accurate.

Not trying to argue or pick a fight, I agreed for the features mentioned, S8 is better. However, there are also features which 5T is better than S8. Everyone can easily look them up and see for themselves.

For the price, in my opinion, 5T is a very well made. CanÂ’t wait to see what Huawei V10 is gonna bring to the table.


OnePlus 5 owners are so scre*ed right now.


Can you cover on the full review if the jelly effect that appear on OnePlus 5 is here as well with the OnePlus 5T?


  • Anonymous
  • kR30

Oppo should really try to put its best effort into this phone as it’s oppo’s only flagship phone available anywhere in the world. If one plus would adopt the cameras found on the Vivo xplay 6, a sister company, this phone would be world class.


  • Surficial
  • HCap

Didn’t realise it would be slightly larger than the 5, but will be better for large screen lovers.
The full review should reveal how much missing OIS has affected it.


  • Surficial
  • HCap

Seems like it has better stabilisation in low light than good light, I’d expect foliage like that without OIS in a dimmer situation.


I guess this is a good option if you want the best hardware that android can offer for the cheapest price, however as downside barebone features and bad camera.


Sujknair, 9 hours agoAre the front hardware keys still retained?No. Capacitive keys are gone…


  • saurabhaj1
  • 7k7f

Sujknair, 9 hours agoAre the front hardware keys still retained?I think no.


Are the front hardware keys still retained?


That battery doesn’t look sufficient for heavy usage..


  • Anonymous
  • 65m3

J o m s, 11 hours agoFirst!I want a bigger battery, at least a tad bit more since the screen got bigger, come on.


  • Anonymous
  • xeRh

I hope this is pre-release software, because those first 2 daylight outdoor shots are comically bad: just look at the foliage on the trees and you’ll see what I mean.

Not a camera for pixel peepers in its current state, which does make you wonder why (apart from marketing) the stick these high megapixel sensors in there.


  • Anonymous
  • xeRh

I don’t know why you are surprised by the camera: we’ve already seen it on the Oppo R11s, which the 5T shares a parts bin with just as the 5 did with the R11.


  • ZloiYuri
  • Tmfv

If they pretend to inprove canera – where is OIS? Fail again.

Source of news : Gsmarena

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