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Results: wide-angle lens is more important than Portrait Mode?

In 2017, most flagships have camera quality down — if you are spending the big bucks on a handset, you should generally rest assured that it’ll make nice photos. Sure, there are some differences between brand X and brand Y, which we can bicker over relentlessly as we compare them side by side. But, fact is that by themselves, each of these phones has a good camera. And manufacturers know that, which is why they started to figure out other ways to differentiate themselves.

Call them extra features or call them gimmicks… we have AR masks, beautify modes, extreme slow motion modes, portrait and optical zoom, wide-angle lenses, and so on. A different combination of them on every different phone. But which one is the most important feature for the users out there?

We thought we’d ask our community. Here’s how that poll went!

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