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Sachin and Kohli thanked their dad on Father’s Day

 If you remember the farewell speech by Great S R Tendulkar’s  you would remind how did he started the speech, can’t remember well I’ll tell you

“I have got a list of names to thank. The first is my father, who passed away in 1999. Without his guidance I wouldn’t be standing in front of you. He said ‘chase your dreams, don’t give up, the path will be difficult.’ I miss him today”.


Every time he looked up to the sky it was in remembrance of his father who carefully shaped his life and who meant lot to him.


sachin 2

 There is one more name who’s story is almost same as Sachin who lost his father in his early age but kept his dream in his mind and never lose hope and the boy is known by the name of Virat Kohli.

We all know boy’s struggle in his early stage of cricket career when he was playing for Delhi in first season when he was batting on 40 overnight, Virat called his coach in the morning that he would play.

“That was the moment that changed me, it gave me the strength and motivation to actually live my dream and fulfill my father’s dream as well of playing for the country.”

After that there was a big ladder of Indian stars who wished their father


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