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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review Comments


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  • 0BGT

Why does the “telephony” section never actually test telephony…?
I’ve heared multiple complains regarding call quality and GSMarena failed to mention i.


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  • m5kb

Obi Wan Kenobi, 15 hours agoGreat screen. Awesome battery endurance endurance.

Super efficient processor with okay CPU… moreBut the price!


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  • 0Q1x

microusb is actually a pro IMO, not a con. Most of accessories come with this interface. And almost everyone has already chargers, data cables, host adapters at home and at work with microusb. They come very handy. Why they had to change a standard and almost universal port is a mistery


  • Anonymous
  • Feq9

Why is it that Samsung can fit dual SIM and microSD slots in these cheap phones while flagships (of any brand) have those silly hybrid slots???


Lenovo P2 is much better IMO, except the front cam.


That Q6 is another LG failure in terms of durability and water protection there will be loots of unhappy people like me.


J7 is always the best selling midrange.


  • Daulatsingh
  • fC%K

VerryEvery nice


XA1 plus anyday better choice than j7 pro if u r not too much about selfie!


Great screen. Awesome battery endurance endurance.

Super efficient processor with okay CPU performance. GPU could have been more powerful as it is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Great UI that borrows most of the full-fat features from the S8.

Very good loudspeaker and nice audio performance.

f1.7 camera on this type of phone is still very impressive. Both front and rear camera are good for the price range and the camera performance is also decent and fuss-free.


  • Anonymous
  • pWQN

Nice battery life at least.


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  • vjwZ

Hmm, why is a separate full review needed when it is similar to J7 2017?


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  • FB5@

No thank you. Very poor processer. This is not 2016 it’s 2018 coming and processers made on 10 nm process for mid range devices are already in making.


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  • tV4M

It’s a good phone.

Source of news : Gsmarena

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