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Technology Innovations and India Opportunity

The Turing Test, a measure of determining whether a machine could demonstrate human intelligence, formed the premise of Alex Garland’s spooky thriller Ex Machina. In the real world perhaps we are not too far away away from an Ex Machina style future. We may argue whether humanity is ready for it or not, but …

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[Startup roundup] How to earn big dollars Alibaba style, and Jack Ma’s Love Quotient

No doubt there are tremendous learnings for the e-commerce industry from Alibaba’s Double 11 global shopping extravaganza. In 24-hours, it mopped up $25 billion in sales on November 11. But what it’s Founder Jack Ma, the English teacher-turned-self-made-billionaire, wants you to really learn from him is quite something else. An …

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How Nirvana Being is protecting Delhi residents from alarming levels of air pollution

As Delhi reels under smog cover, we bring the story of a one-stop shop that is helping residents fight against toxic pollutants. As winter sets in, the national capital is in the news again. Since the start of this week, the city has been covered with a thick blanket of …

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With IoT creating significant security gaps, it’s imperative to focus on securing devices

At the IoTNext event in Bengaluru, security industry experts reiterate that there is no law to protect consumers against digital theft and stress on the pressing need to create a legal framework. The internet today is like ancient Roman cities in the 4th century AD, which could never be protected …

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Google Joins French Pharma to Tackle Diabetes

Google and French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced Monday a new joint venture focused on diabetes care. The tie up between the drug maker and Verily, the health subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, will focus on treatments for people living with the chronic disease. Details on what the company’s products …

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