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This robot could clean up your mess

Robots may have a future in household tasks. A new wave of machines could excel at picking up your shoes, matching them in pairs and putting them away — all while you nap. Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory developed a system to give robots a greater …

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After a rough year, GoPro gets back to basics

Driving full speed into a turn at the Sonoma Raceway, GoPro VP Rick Loughery flipped his go kart and crashed spectacularly, grinding to an upside-down halt on the side of the track. His co-workers let out a chorus of “ooohs!” before one quietly said what they all seemed to be …

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Can the city of pizza reinvent itself as a tech capital?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The city of Naples stretches towards the imposing volcano Vesuvius As tech giants Apple and Cisco set up academies in Naples, the city’s tech entrepreneurs are hoping new investment will revitalise southern Italy’s failing economy. Naples is a city with a reputation: it has …

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How Amazon plans to battle Walmart in India

Walmart recently spent billions to get into online retail in India. Now Amazon is going offline in the hope of gaining millions of new customers in the vast market. The e-commerce giant is buying 49% of More, a popular Indian supermarket chain, according to multiple reports in local media. The …

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Tackling food waste in Nigeria with an app

Image caption Oscar Ekponimo is the entrepreneur behind Chowberry “Going without food for any person, for any child – it’s destabilising, it shakes you to your core. I remember being a child and going without food and being able to have just one good meal in a day.” Oscar Ekponimo’s …

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Will we ever get self-healing smartphones?

Image copyright Getty Images The BBC’s Circular Economy series highlights the ways we are designing systems to reduce the waste modern society generates, by reusing and repurposing products. This week we look at the prospects for hi-tech materials that can heal themselves. You don’t have to be a liquid metal …

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