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This News Paper is Run and Edited by street Children

Many times we have seen street kids selling flowers and other stuff on traffic signals. At that moment we feel sorry for these kids who has not seen life yet and are taking the responsibilty for feeding their family on their little shoulder. At that time we think god is cruel to these little Angels.  But yet there are some extraordinary kids who just not let life play with them but decides their own destiny. ‘BALAKNAMA’ is one such news paper which is run and edited by Extraordinary street Kids.


BALAKNAMA, which means ‘voice of children’ is a one-of-its-kind newspaper, which is run and edited by street and working children. These children were rescued by Badhte Kadam, an initiative of CHETNA NGO that works on rehabilitation of street children. The eight-page newspaper which cost Rs 2, publishes stories based on the lives of street children in Delhi and neighbouring states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It explores issues like child sexual abuse, child labour, child marriages, police brutality as well as feel-good stories. The paper does not earn any profit and is entirely funded by the NGO.


And moreover to everyone’s surprise the editor in chief is just 18 years old. She takes care of everything he counters the reporters to know whether they have fully understood the topic they have covered or not. Chandani the 18 Year old Editor in Chief is from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh who moved to Delhi. And after the death of her father by stroke she was forced to do jobs like selling flowers by situation to survivie and to feed her family.
In other team member they got Shanno who is the advisor of ‘BALAKNAMA’ whose father was alcoholic and abandoned their family. After that inceident she was working with cemetery where she came in contact with NGO ‘Badhte Kadam’. There are other team members as well who because of crisis forced to work, ‘Badhte Kadam’ helped this kids to define their own way.
This is what we want. Every child has right to study and define their own way. Keep the good going.

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