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Twitter Extends video limit to 140 seconds and Launches new app – Twitter Engage

Twitter has noticed that videos has become most important part in social media and video uploading on twitter has increased by almost 50% from the beginning of year 2016. Taking the serious note of this twitter decided to launch the new app Titter Engage, which will provide video limit of 140 seconds. This will be available from today to the users.

Starting today twitter will provide user the facility to upload video for 140 second and Select Publisher will continue to be able to post video up to 10 Minutes through its professional publisher tool.


Before this users were able to upload video up to 30 seconds. This update will be soon available for Twitter for Mac and Twitter for Windows as well.

Twitter also announced that Vine users will also be able to upload video up to 140 second. With this beta release, a Vine can now be a trailer that points directly to a mini-movie.

Twitter is also adding one new feature that is full screen video experience. Once you click on the video or Vine it on your time line it will lead you to a new Full Screen Experience.

Twitter is also releasing a new app to help popular video creators better understand, engage, and grow their audiences on-the-go with real-time data and insights. Just over two days ago Twitter had announced its acquisition of London-based Magic Pony to ‘improve visual experiences’. There will likely be more updates in the near future as all social media platforms are trying to leverage video content.

Social media is changing every day users are getting used to it and that is what leads to innovation because after all “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

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