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We Bet You Didn’t Know These 9 Things About Cringe Pop Queen Dhinchak Pooja

From becoming the cringe pop sensation in India to getting inside the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry, Dhinchak Pooja has definitely come a very long way with her talent. 

Be it ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’, ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’ or her latest ‘Afreen Fatima Bewafa Hai’, we have somehow heard all her songs. Every millennial knows about her and, surprisingly, all her songs tend to go viral on social media. 

But how much do we really know about Dhinchak, except that her swag can literally torture you! Who is this girl? What made her sing these songs? Here are 9 surprising facts about her and we bet you had no idea about the girl who became an overnight sensation! 

1. Born in Uttar Pradesh, Dhinchak’s real name is Pooja Jain. Not many know that initially, she wanted to keep her name as Raapchik Pooja but later opted for Dhinchak. Swag, you see!

2. She earns around Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,00,000 every month, according to various reports. Only if we were so talented! 

3. She made around Rs 7 lakh just from her song ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’.

4. Don’t be surprised, but her selfie songs have more views than some of Salman Khan’s songs. LMAO!

5. Have you ever wondered who those crazy people in her videos are? No, they are not her friends, like we thought. They are actors who get paid to feature in her video.  

6. She is the brain behind the lyrics of her songs and has a team that helps her conceptualise it. Why would you do this to humanity? 

7. Next song she plans to sing? ‘Rashke Qamar’. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, are you listening?

8. Her inspiration? The great pop star Michael Jackson. Enough said!


9. The girl avoids reading negative comments about herself and that’s what keeps her going. 

Well, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone; like it or not, she is here to stay and knows how to use negative publicity to her leverage.

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