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Which of these camera features is most important to you?

OK, so when it comes to smartphone cameras, it’s pretty clear that the number 1 thing we all want is great image quality. Mainly for pictures, but also for video, we want our $700+ devices to be able to snap outstanding memorabilia at the touch of a button.

And manufacturers have that down in 2017. Sure, some are slightly better than others, some will fail in some select scenes… but generally, if you buy a top-tier smartphone nowadays, you can expect to be able to make stellar photos with it.

So, since everyone has a camera that’s somewhat on par with everyone else’s, manufacturers have started looking into other features — little “extras”, or call them gimmicks, that can entice you to buy phone X over phone Y. Those include AR masks, beautify modes, extreme slow motion modes, portrait and optical zoom, wide-angle lenses, and so on. We wondered – which such extra feature is most important to you?

Source of news : Phonearena

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