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22 year old Bootstrap Hero Generated 45-lakh Revenue

Lucknow  based Entrepreneur Ankit Srivastava has created a music app named ‘La Musique’ meaning ‘ The Music’ in French, the app has crossed the mark of 30 lakh downloads on Google play store generating a revenue of Rs 45 Lakh.


The boy once scrolling through music player of his brother’s new Nokia Lumia and tried to find same on the Google play store, But failed to found the same with ease access. But that search gave him a strike that there is humongous demand of such apps and he began to create Music Player for Android.

Ankit has Completed his computer science from Jaypee University of Information Technology.

During the first Initial Development Stage he self learned how to create app using videos and blogs and after Four to Five month of coding he finally came up with the app. But the designing of the app was not that effective and eye catching as it should be so he landed at Dribble (a community of designers where one can promote and explore designing) and contacted around 200 designers.  But unfortunately even after offering 40 percent of his equity no one agreed to help him.

la musique

For sometime boy started freelancing but kept learning Android Application Development and as they say fortune favours the brave he finally came up with final version of his app.

He started generating revenue from Ads and sponsors and also by selling data. For the first six month he got around $8000  and in next one year he earned $50000.

The boy is still improving his app and making it easier for users.

India is proud to have such Entrepreneurs.

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