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4 Carbohydrate Heavy Foods That Are Poster Boys Of Healthy Eating In India

Leading a fitness lifestyle is the way to go. If you want to be fit and slow down the process of ageing, you need to take care of what you eat and what you do. Most metabolic diseases that Indians face can be largely blamed on our lifestyles. Why is that lifestyle diseases are not taken as seriously as other diseases? It’s a serious issue when someone breaks the bad news to a close one. “Hey man, I have been diagnosed with cancer” and you hear a sympathetic reply from the receiving end. But have you seen how lightly two middle aged pot belly men will discuss their cholesterol and diabetic issues? They will laugh about it and hi-five each other .Somehow our lifestyle diseases are not taken all that seriously. It is okay for a man with diabetes and cholesterol to still keep binging on carbohydrates and refined sugars here in India. These are the foods that are abused by us because we were told that they were healthy. 

Note- I am not demeaning any food but only talking about the ignorance which leads to abused consumption.

1) Poha

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So poha is apparently good for you because it is not fried and there’s very little oil used. Poha is made up of rice and rice is not a good source of nutrition, especially for a diabetic patient. Although carbohydrates carry only 4 calories per gram as opposed to fat which is 9, all carbohydrates metabolize into sugars inside the body. The last thing a diabetic patient wants to consume is more sugars on a regular basis to add to the complications of his health. 1 cup of Poha contains 270 calories, out of which 23% is fat and 68% of carbs which a diabetic doesn’t require and 8% of useless second class proteins.

2) Idli

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“But how can Idli be bad for me? It’s steamed right? That famous celebrity nutritionist told me to avoid dosa because it is made with oil, but Idli is okay because it is steamed. I am told to eat breakfast like a king and hence I make sure I eat at least 47 Idlis a day for breakfast”. This food item is again one more culprit that needs to be taken out of the healthy breakfast menu, especially at hospitals. Someone is recovering from surgery, his wounds need to heal, but they are fed with more sugars that actually delay the healing process. Listen guys, Idli is mostly made up of rice, whether you boil it , fry it, blow torch it or do anything with it , it will still be made up of rice, which is a simple carbohydrate.

3) Corn flakes

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Do you remember Kellogg’s corn flakes were considered a healthy breakfast for the longest time, not just here in India but also in the United States? However, enough research was done to convince a good part of the population that corn flakes were actually unhealthy. So now these multinational companies who had their products on every breakfast isle had to come up with another strategy to bring back the sales of these products. Then came a product for idiots by idiots called Corn flakes slim. These new set of food products came with either ‘less sugar or no sugar’ written on the box and hence was given the legal right to be once again called healthy. What an amazing way to fool consumers, don’t you think? How can a simple carbohydrate with such a high glycemic index that would cause a heavy insulin spike ever be considered healthy? Phew!

4) Fruit And Fruit Juices

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I spent the early years of my childhood being a fat kid, who didn’t even care about it. However, looking back, I remember very clearly I was advised by an adult that I should go on a diet full of fruits and juices. I would invariably fall into a calorie deficit and hence lose weight. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to him. Fruits are nothing but sugar, then how would it ever make sense to keep pumping sugar into your body, when it is the sugar that made me fat in the first place? Even if I ended up losing weight due to the calorific deficit, I would have probably spent the rest of my life as a diabetic. It’s a sad case to still see parents who constantly make it a point to give their overweight kids fruit juices from roadside stalls or from Tetra packets at the store.

Upma and muesli, bhel, diet bhel, also fall into the category of foods that are considered healthy but in truth not really the best choice of food items we could be selecting from. It’s a sad case that most research is backed by big companies that are looking to gain profits and hence come up with biased results. It is us the end users that suffer in the bargain.

Helius is one of Mumbai’s most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.

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