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7 of the best tiny homes you can buy for under $115k

This article was originally published by The Spaces, a digital publication exploring new ways to live and work.

If you’re looking for a holiday hideaway, and don’t mind keeping things cozy, there are plenty of tiny homes available that won’t break the bank — provided you have a place to put them, that is.

Dream home crammed into 309-sqft transformer apartment

These cabins are an easy escape from the city, with many designed to help visitors immerse themselves in nature, and some even arriving pre-built.

We’ve put together 10 tiny homes you can buy for under $115k, ranging from quickly assembled cabins aimed at the more nomadic, to eco-friendly huts that let would-be owners live off-grid.

1/7Britespace by Avava, from $58k

On the larger end of the tiny homes spectrum, Avava’s Britespace dwellings are shipped flat-pack and take around six weeks to assemble. The company uses materials with a low-carbon footprint, and includes electrical systems that can be easily configured for off-grid life. And if space gets tight, Avava says its tiny homes — which come in three sizes — can be easily upgraded when needed. Credit: Courtesy Avava

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