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9 of the best leather cases you can get for your Galaxy Note 8

2017 has been a great year for Samsung and its fans — the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are great phones that dominate the mainstream, while power users finally got a Note that is available worldwide and doesn’t catch fire — the marvelous Note 8.

It’s a jewel of technology, sporting cutting-edge hardware, tucked under a luxurious shell. The Note 8 is a glass-and-metal sandwich, which is as shiny as it is large and slippery. So, you may be thinking “I need to slap a case on that!”.

But what case is luxurious enough to match the premium build of the Note 8? Plastic just… doesn’t feel as great. Well, how about a leather case? Here are a few we find to be quite cool-looking that will protect your Note 8 without detracting from its style!

Superstart cow leather case


  • Not very protective
  • Not genuine leather

Here’s a classic case for you — a nice shell, dressed in leather with a couple of card-sized pockets on the outside to hold something with your phone. It’s also pretty cool that it comes in 6 different colors and is fairly cheap to boot!

Mangix flip leather wallet


  • Not genuine leather
  • No magnetic latch

This is more of the wallet variety. It offers a single card pocket on the inside, making it a bit slimmer than other wallet cases, and there’s no magnet in the flap, keep in mind. But it also comes in 4 distinct colors, which is always a plus.

Ringke Flex S Advanced


  • Leather is actually textured TPU

This Ringke case is a TPU shell with a faux leather texture laid on top, adorned by a unique wave-like pattern. We can definitely see this as being a love-it-or-hate-it kind of look, but there’s no denying it’s quite unique! Comes in 6 colors to pick from!

Real-Eagle Style B wallet


  • Can be a bit thicker
  • Not genuine leather

Another take on the wallet case style, this Real-Eagle case has its own twist with pockets both on the inside and outside of the flip cover. Metal caps and accented stitches round off its unique look and a magnetic latch is there to keep the case closed until you actually want to open it. Also available in Style A, which is a bit more simplistic.

Lumion Dandy Wallet

A 3-pocket wallet built with TPU and leather. The back has some nice accents showing, but it’s a pretty minimalistic design all around. Unfortunately, it only comes in two color variations, but we quite fancy the red-on-black one.

Pierre Cardin leather case

A more minimalistic shell, which has cutouts that grant you access to the phone’s own buttons and generally lets you feel “more of the phone”. The case itself has a very cool, unique look and comes in three different colors.

Qialino leather wallet

Striking a balance between quality of leather and price, we have the Qialino. It’s made of genuine leather and certainly rocks the style worthy of your $930 Note 8. It also fits around the phone snug and has a single card slot, making it not-that-thick for a wallet case.

Jjnusa retro book style case


  • Mechanic latch can get annoying to operate

The Jjnusa case is definitely something to look at, with its floral patterns and retro-styled latches and accents. It doesn’t come in any variety of colors, which is a a shame, but we can’t say it lacks any sort of individuality. On the contrary, it’s got quite the unique look, which may or may not be for everybody, but we are sure it’ll find its fans out there!

Case-Mate wallet folio


  • No magnetic latch
  • Can get bulky

Case-Mate comes in with a simple, minimalistic, but protective offering. The wallet folio here comes with 3 card slots, a money pocket, and genuine leather covering.

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