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Amazon Prime Video, Anytime, Anywhere”; Highlights Latest Campaign by Leo Burnett

Amazon India has launched a new ad-campaign to showcase the features of its video streaming service Amazon Prime Video. The campaign is designed by Leo Burnett India and features the Prime Couple, Rohan and Roshni. The theme of the new campaign highlights that users need not be the ‘ghulam’, i.e. slave of time or screen to watch their favourite content. With their new campaign, Amazon has clearly shown that how flexible and user-friendly its video streaming service is.

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The latest ad campaign of the company features two films, of around 35 seconds each, showcasing the capabilities of Amazon Prime Video. The first of these, titled ‘Laddoo’, displays how Amazon Prime Video can be seamlessly used on multiple screens and devices.

The film opens with the couple, Rohan and Roshni, watching ‘Padmavat’ on Amazon Prime Video. While both of them are enjoying a movie, Roshni gets a call from her mother that she has prepared laddoos for them. Knowing this, Roshni tells Rohan that a new problem has come up – the laddoos. Rohan seems surprised saying if it is even a problem and urges her to get ready so that they can go and enjoy the laddoos. To this, Roshni replies saying that would he end the movie for the laddoos. Rohan replies that this is not the end, rather it’s an interval and shows her the movie continuing seamlessly continuing on his phone and says that he is not ‘ghulam’ of any screen. This film perfectly exhibits how adjustable Amazon Prime Video is.

The other film, named Carrom, opens up with Rohan and his friend playing carrom at Rohan’s place. His friend stops the game in between and says that he needs to leave. He says that he has to watch Tiger Zinda Hai on TV at 9 PM and will have to leave early to be on time. To this, Roshni replies what if we show you your latest movie here, without interrupting the game. Then Rohan shows Amazon Prime Video on his phone saying that he is not ‘ghulam’ of time and can watch his desired content anytime.

Talking about the new campaign, Ravi Desai, Director, Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India said “At Amazon, our focus has always been the customer. Our new campaign shows the various benefits of Amazon Prime Video in India. With a premise of ‘Anytime, Anywhere,’ we have kept customer benefit at the centre of the campaign, which marks the next chapter of our story around Prime Couple – Rohan and Roshni.” “We understand the needs of the customers to be unshackled from constraints of traditional channels. With a wide variety of content available, Prime Video empowers our customers to define and dictate what and when they want to watch.”

Elaborating further on the campaign, Dheeraj Sinha, MD – India and Chief Strategy Officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett said, “We are building Amazon Prime Video as an alternate and a better choice when it comes to entertainment. Amazon Prime Video puts consumer in command. This is reflected in our positioning – India ka Naya PrimeTime.”

“We started this journey last year by talking about the largest and latest library, our exclusive content. The current campaign builds upon the role of liberator further. It shows how Amazon Prime Video sets the users free, letting them decide when and where to watch entertainment. The campaign also draws a typical banter between the couple that who is the ‘ghulam,” said Dheeraj Sinha, continuing on the topic.

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