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Ancient Earth had more than two poles: Study


Earlier it was considered that the planet Earth conveniently has two poles — one in the north and one in the south and these two protect us from the harmful cosmic rays and high speed solar winds.

But according to a new research by scientists from Carnegie Institution of Science this arrangement turned out to be different.

A study reveals that the ancient earth had several magnetic poles which was considered as the subject to unpredictable changes which happened in the past.

Multiple poles suddenly sprang up across the globe, causing the planet’s magnetic field to go crazy and break itself.

The recent study shows that the arrangement of magnetic fields was different in the past. The earth’s inner core was not always solid and at some point it began transforming from a molten state into a solid one.

The planet Earth has magnetic nature because of its core which is made of molten iron and scientists wanted to test the magnetic properties of earth when it had molten core.

There was a very odd condition as the earth’s core was changing from molten to solid state and at that time our planet had several magnetic poles.

Researchers believe that these findings may help further to understand the bizarre fluctuations in magnetic field direction which occured 600 to 700 millions years ago.

The findings were published in Geophysical Research Letters.

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