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Anna Faris and more celebs read hilarious texts from their moms

Jimmy Kimmel’s latest viral video, “Mom Texts: Celebrity Edition,” shows that even when you’re a celebrity, your mom will always keep you in check or at least keep you laughing.

Cue the LOLs!

Actress Anna Faris read a text aloud from her mom that said, “My dear Ani, I hope this doesn’t wake you. I just want you to know how proud your father and I are of you. As you know know (sic) we truly believe you are the greatest actress of your generation. We do someday hope you transition into dramatic work.”

Actor Jack McBrayer from NBC’s “30 Rock,” shared a sarcastic message his mom sent after he gave her a Christmas ornament, “Thank you Jack. Hope you live long enough to see it in person.”

And then there are those awkward texts from mom.

Actor Adam Scott shared one in which his mother wrote, “Simon Helberg. Holy Sh**t! Brilliant work in ‘Florence Foster Jenkins.’ Is it OK for a grandma to lust?” He then deadpans to the camera, “Sure, you truly do not need to text me about it.”

“Black-ish” star, Anthony Anderson, put his mom on blast for persistently texting him to get her a hotel room in Las Vegas for Mother’s Day. He then jokingly shared the room number and told viewers to go by and say hello.

When it comes to our moms and their texts, you just gotta love ’em.

News credit : Cnn

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