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Another leaked picture confirms single camera for Samsung Galaxy S9

We’ve already seen a couple of pictures showing Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S9, and everything points to the phone having a single camera. Today, another photo of the handset popped up online and, once again, confirms Samsung prefers not to include a dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S9.

However, those who absolutely must own a flagship with dual rear cameras may have their preference satisfied since the Galaxy S9+ is said to feature such a camera configuration.

On the bright side, Samsung has finally repositioned the fingerprint sensor to a location where’s much easier to reach – under the camera, not to its right side.

Samsung is expected to officially introduce the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in late February, but the flagships won’t be available for purchase until March. Even so, that will be quite a head start for Samsung’s top-tier handsets, which will probably be the only new important flagships that will sell for several weeks maybe.

News credit : Phonearena

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