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Apple opens siri to Third Party Developers

Finally apple has decided to let siri developed by Third party developers apple is bringing this change at this year’s WWDC.

So users will be able to tap into just by saying ”hey siri..”

Although siri already has some third party integrations like searching tweets on Tweeter or perform look up via Yelp, this new capability will expand the potential for ios users.


Apple is going to provide this siri version in iOS 10. “Now in iOS 10 we have an intense API” noted apple’s SVP Craig Federighi.

He suggested some examples where iOS users soon be able to call up app services via siri included  apps like slack and Whatsapp.

siri 2

He also said you can book your ride with uber, can do photo search as well. Apple needs to accelerate their pace as other giants like google and Facebook are also planning to develop their AI(Artificial Intelligence).

It also announced that Siri is coming to its newly Renamed macOS , allowing it’s desktop users to tap access to applications like send message or send email.

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