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“Ask Gaunguly What Problem Does he have with me” Ravi Shastri fired

Ravi Shastri who lost the race of being Indian Team Head Coach against Anil Kumble was upset and when he was asked during his Presentation why Ganguly was not there and is there any problem between those two? He turned the fire on.

Ravi Shastri may want to switch off from cricket for a while and also took a vacation to Bangkok to get over the disappointment of missing out on the coach’s role, but he didn’t rubbish talks of a rift with Sourav Ganguly.

The former India captain was part of the committee that chose the next coach, along with Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman, but surprisingly wasn’t present when Shastri was interviewed.

About Gaunguly’s Absense during his Presentation he said “All I can say is that Ganguly wasn’t there when I was interviewed and you should ask what problem Ganguly has with me instead of asking me.”


Shastri reiterated that he was over the disappointment of missing out to Anil Kumble but stopped short of confirming whether the decision was already made before he had spoken with the panel.

“Again, I am no one to answer that. My job was to prepare a team. I was able to do it with the best of ability. My job was to give an interview, which I had given. What happened inside is not my lookout.”

Shastri also said that the only reason India weren’t the top Test team was because they had not played enough of the format in the last six months.

Well there’s a long way to go for team India currently team is just relaxing but their hectic schedule is about to start from next year and the thing that will catch all the eyes is how team performs under Kumble’s Supervision. Kumble is also respected player in Indian Cricket and is known for his never giving up Spirit now the interesting part is Kohli Indian Star player also got the same instinct in him so the the thing to check is how this duo performs together.

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